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Lefkada island Half Marathon, 10k And 5k race
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About Lefkada Green Half Marathon


8th Green Half Marathon (Sunset Run)

The Athletic Club of Lefkas “Filandros” in cooperation with the Municipality of Lefkas, the Region of the Ionian Islands, proclaims the 8th Green Half Marathon of 21.097m, the Races of 5km and 10km. In addition to these races, it will also take place a 1000m Race for children 6-15 years old. The race is held under the auspices of SEGAS (Hellenic Athletics Federation) and the EOSLMA-Y (Hellenic Association of Mass Popular Sports and Ultra Running Clubs).

Date of Event: Saturday 9th of June 2018.
Starting-Termination Point: Lefkas Beach Park.
Starting Time: Half-Marathon: 19:00, 10km Race: 19:02, 5km Public Health Race: 19:12, 1000m Race: 13-15 years old: 10:00, 6-12 years old: 10:10.
Race Route: The route is flat, made by asphalt and the biggest part of it is surrounded by an environment of high ecological importance protected by NATURA. The route is measured and certified by AIMS (Association of International Marathon and Distance Races), it is going to be shown every 1 km with zero altitude difference. Throughout the whole route there will be the presence of Police and of the Coast Guard for safety reasons.

Regulations: The regulations of IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations) are applied. Finishing time is 150΄ for Half-Marathon, 60΄ for the 5km Public Health Race and 90΄ for the 10km Race. After the above limits the athletes run on their own responsibility.

Application of Participation: If someone wants to participate in the races, he/she can register on line through web site www.greenhalfmarathon.gr.
A successful application needs to be accompanied by the on line payment of the necessary appropriate amount for each race. In order to ensure the participation, every athlete needs to be register until Monday4th of June 2018.

Cost of participation: Half-Marathon: 15€, Race of 10km: 10€, Race of 5km: 5€, Race of 1km: 2€. Discount of 3€ for a group registration is applicable only for the Half-Marathon race and for groups of more than 10 people.

Technical T-Shirt: During the registration, there is the ability of ordering the technical t-shirt of the race by paying an extra amount.

Transportation: For the participants from Athens and Thessaloniki there is a discount of 50% on the already bus schedules for Lefkas and the participants will be able to use it on the day of receiving their ticket, from 28/04/2017 and later on till 02/05/2017, by showing their ID card. It would be better for those who are interested in this discount, to book their bus tickets earlier making a preservation calling the local bus stations.

Accommodation: The Registration Committee has already contacted with local hotels and renting rooms and taken a discount for all the participants and visitors. Moreover, for clubs with more than 30 persons, which will reach the island by their way of transportation, there are special prices and for this reason the responsible person of this trip has to contact with the registration office as soon as possible in order to make the reservations on time due to the limited number of rooms.

Charity participation: Part of the amount that will be gathered from the applications of the 1km race will be given to help financially welfare institutions for which there will be given more information later.

Awards: There will be an award for the first 3 men and the first 3 women from the general classification in all 3 races. Also, in the Half Marathon Race the first 3 athletes of each age category will be awarded as it is described below. The first 3 men and the first 3 women from the general classification will not be awarded in the age categories. In the Race of 1000 km there will be an award for the first 3 boys and girls 13-15 y.o. and for the first 3 boys and girls 6-12 y.o. In every and each athlete of the 4 races (21.097km, 10km, 5km, 1km) that will finish the race will be given a medal and a certificate of participation as a souvenir to remember the experience.


1. 18 – 29 y.o.

2. 30 – 34 y.o.
3. 35 – 39 y.o.
4. 40 – 44 y.o.


5.45 – 49 y.o.
6. 50 – 54 y.o.
7. 55 – 59 y.o.
8. > 60  y.o.


1. 18 – 30 y.o.
2. 31 – 40 y.o.
3. 41 – 50 y.o.

4. > 51 y.o

Age Categories 21.097 kilometers:
An age category will be shaped if there are at least 6 athletes who participate. On the contrary, the category will be merged with the next one, or the previous one if it is about the last category.

Money Awards and elite athletes: There are in valid money awards only for the first three men and women of the Half Marathon Race according the following list. Prerequisite time winners for the money awards in men it had to be less than 1.12΄00΄΄ and women less than 1.25΄00΄΄. More specifically:



1st 500 €


2nd 350 €
3rd 300 €


4th 200 €


5th 150 €


6th 100€



Man Track Record



Plus Bonus 200 € for the 1st winner.


Man Record



Plus Bonus 300 € for the 1st winner.




1st  200 €
2nd 150 €
3rd 100 €



Woman Track Record



Plus Bonus 200 € for the 1st winner.


Woman Record



Plus Bonus 200 € for the 1st winner.


The first three men and women winners of the previous Green Half Marathon edition (2016) are guests of the organization committee, including their accommodation and registration. Also elite athletes in Half Marathon (men time:  < 1.15΄00΄΄ and women time < 1.25΄00΄΄) with certified bib time in the year 2016 or 2017, are free of registration charge. For both specified athlete categories above mentioned, is prerequisite their in time registration and communication with the organizing committee until 1st of May 2018.

Special Events: During the events and ecological message conveyed through Green Half Marathon, on Monday takes place a day excursion on Lefkas Mountains in particularly virgin natural landscapes including the visiting of the area’s highlights and Barbeque Party. The event is for a limited number of participants and first come first served strictly at 40 first athletes to declare it during the registration process in one of the three races. The proportional fee stated in the registration process. The day of the race and at 13:00-15:00 hour it take place a Pasta Party for the athletes, of which will be given more information with the withdrawal of the participation numbers.

General: The participation numbers will be given at the Cultural Centre of Lefkas (ex Town Hall) the day of the race 09:00-17:00 and the previous day of the race 15:00-20:00. In the Half-Marathon Race, 10km and 5km Races there will be an Electronic Timing.

In almost every 2.5 km throughout the whole route there will be kiosks with water (2nd, 5th, 7.5th, 10th, 13th, 15th, 18th kilometer), while on the 10th kilometer there will be also given an isotonic. The races will take place no matter the weather conditions. All the runners will run with their own responsibility and they should have been tested recently by a doctor.


The Organization Committee